Tips and Tricks for your online business. Not just the tools you need but also the strategy and mindset needed to succeed and the actions required. Technology, systems and business are constantly changing and you need to keep on top of changes that may impact on your business so that you can make educated choices and take advantage of the changes to enhance your business


One-on-One coaching to help individuals and companies identify and implement a strategy to reach their goals. A coach will often allow you to short cut your progress and prevent you from making costly mistakes. Shorten your learning curve and get the results you are looking for. Being guided through the process and having someone available to answer questions and act as a sounding board can be a great support


Live events provide an ideal opportunity to meet with like minded people and to meet industry experts, to hear the latest news and get some great ideas. Here you will find details of some events being held worldwide, and suggestions on where to find others close to where you live. Whether in a exotic location or in a local hotel; from just a few hours to a few days or more live events can be very informative and the people you meet a great support for both professional and personal goals.


There are so many choices to be made about your business and its easy to become distracted by so many options and in doing so you can end up going round and round and not getting the results you desire. Here we show you simple systems that are setup and easy to develop as you grow. When you have mastered one area we show you how to add other revenue streams so that you are building a robust system and are not reliant any one company

About Susan

Hi My name is Susan Stokes and I am lucky to live in the South of France, however, I was born in Amersham UK about 40 minutes north-west of London and grew up in that area for the first 18 years of my life. I have 3 grown up sons and 6 beautiful grandchildren of whom I am very proud. I have been responsible for bringing up my children and have worked throughout my adult life.

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