10 Lessons to Learn in Life

To succeed in Life, relationships and business there are a number of lessons that can be applied to ensure that you succeed

1. Focus on the Positivebigstock_Half_Full_Or_Half_Empty__resized

Do you view life from a ‘half empty' or ‘half full' perspective? Be grateful for what you have and identify a positive way to channel your energy. Illiminate negative thoughts and effects from your life. This is often difficult as people closest may be the most negative people.

2. Travel the world

Travel has a way of broadening a persons perspective and expanding a sense of what is possible.  Learning about people and cultural difference can help us be more understanding and accepting of other ideas

3. Learn to anticipate.


This quote was famously used by Steve Jobs who's ability to anticipate future trends propelled Apple to success. Identifying the wave and keeping infront is a route to success and it also enables you to see possible obstacles and how they can be overcome.

4. Fail Forward

Everyone fails. It depends how you respond to failure that makes the difference. Failure is not the end of the road but an opportunity to learn and improve ourselves

5. Obstacles are Opportunities in disguise.


Be creative, when you look at obstacle as opportunities you will find a way to overcome the obstacles.

6.Take Risks

We need to take risk to move forward. Just be careful and calculate the risk before you take them. Taking risks does not mean be rectless. Give thought to the possible outcomes, best case and worse case scenarios before deciding if a risk if worth taking

7. Surround yourself with Great people

Draw on their knowledge, experience and strengths, learn what works and what doesnt. This will help you achieve success.

8. Find the Right Partner

A partner that can compliment your skill sets. images (4)The people you surround yourself with  will make or break your life. Surround yourself with successful people if you want to be successful, surround yourself with millionaires if you want to be rich.

9. Don't be shy to to learn from others

You can learn from others. A coach or mentor can enable you to reduce your learning curve and provide support and accountability expertise to keep you on a structured path to achieve goals.

10. Remember you will be dead soon

All expectations,  all pride, all fear of embarrassment pail in the face of death. Life is short; make sure you make every moment count

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