10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

Apple has had some great successes. What can we learn from Apple marketing and how can we apply those lessons to our own business.

  1. Keep It Simple

Strip out the noise and unnecessary words, use visuals and keep it simple. keep adverts simple and clear.




2. Use Product Placement

Apple stores have all apple products on display so that customers can test, feel and enjoy their experience. They have the ability to make comparisons and can often be up sold to other products


3. Leverage Reviews

People like to know from other people what they think about a product or service before they buy. Actively collect reviews and testimonials from your clients. Use social influencers in your market. If they are seen to endorse you product their followers are likely to adopt them too. Sending out free trials or getting beta testers can be a cost effective way to get reviews. Post the reviews on your social media sites and provide links to reviewer's websites.

4. Focus on your unique value proposition rather than price.

Your business may not survive if you always want to be the cheapest in the marketplace. Your customers will pay a premium if there is a perceived or real value in your proposition. Apple have never entered a price war. They offer a product that customers are willing to a premium for.

5. Stand for something

Let your customers know they can rely on you and provide a great customer service. Be consistent in the values you have and make sure everyone in your team understands and commits to those same values. Great customer service is part of the customer experience and will draw clients back time and time again.

6. Create experiences

Experiences will be remembered long after a product has been replaced. Make your customer experiences memorable. Marketers often use stories as stories evoke emotions which can attract and help retain customers


7. Speak to audiences in their language

Apple have a way of talking to their customers that connects with their emotions. They don't use complicated language and often give very visual presentation. Rather than describing a product they will show pictures and videos. They also have a deep understanding of their customers, their likes and interests and the psychological triggers that turn them into buyers. Listening and watching your clients on social media can be very insightful into their language, their needs and their wants. No one needs an iPhone 8 but many people will want one.

8. Develop an aura of mystery around what you are doing

Apple create mystery around their product launches and there is always speculation about the new features and designs. Avoid telling too much about your product, peak some curiosity especially on a product launch.


9. Appeal to emotions

This is linked to the experience. The more emotions that are triggered the more likely the customer will focus on the positive attributes of your product. Apple have successfully turned their customers into raving ambassadors who are so pleased with their experience that small annoyances, like battery life being short, are overlooked. The clients speak enthusiastically about the product with their friends and are promoting the product on behalf of Apple

10. Use visuals

We are constantly bombarded with news and information. At the same time audience concentration times are falling so try to get your message across in images or videos. Videos are becoming more and more popular. The movement in a video helps to hold the viewer's attention. Creating videos for your business and having images should be part of your marketing strategy.

Try applying these tips to your marketing.

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source from entrepreneur.com


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