10 Things Successful People have in common


1. Hard work. Practice, preparation persistent hard work.

2. Focus. Resources work together for common goal, completing tasks  dealing with important rather than urgent matters.

3.Curiosity. Successful  people want to learn, they never stop learning and continually ask questions who, what, where, how, when.


4.Passion. They love what they do and do what they love. They enjoy their work, are passionate about it, they work because it gives them pleasure.

5.Empathy. People like successful people and feel good being around them, resonating with them looking for signs on what triggered success.

6.Responsibility. They take full responsibility for their actions. They don't complain if something doesn't work they look for solutions to fix the problem.

7.Self improvement. They work on themselves, change with the times and invest in their education.

8.Humour. They appreciate humour and live in the now. Not rushing but getting serious things done with relaxation and joy.

9. Creativity. Successful people think outside of the box, search for new ways of doing things, leading not following the herd.


10. Flexibility. Know how to listen adapt and drive things forward in a way taking into consderation hurdles on the way. They know how to spot an opportunity, which in turn gives more joy, success and satisfaction.

What are your characteristics?

How do you relate to the 10 points?

How many points do you have in common?

If you are looking to be successful and do not have these properties maybe its time to change something.

Change the way you think.

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