3 Things We Can Control

I recently attended a Traffic Mastery Academy in London and had the pleasure of meeting Tom Beal one of the speakers at the event. Tom gave an impressive speach and we learnt more about his story.

Tom Beal with Susan Stokes

Tom Beal with Susan Stokes

Tom Beal has made millions of dollars online, was the top seller in 5 different companies, the president of strategic profits along with Rich Schefren. Tom is a driven person and has also been a national bicycle champion, and a #1 Honor Graduate from  Unites States Marine Corp Boot Camp….. His courage and fighting spirit have enabled him to succeed in many different areas of this life.

It is no surprise that he also was in masterminds with many of the “big guys” like Frank Kern, Ryan Deiss, Mike Filesame, Eban Pagan and so on…

So he really knows what he is talking about. The whole presentation was actually around mindset which is one of the most important things! We can have the best working system on the market, but if we don’t belief in ourself that we can become successful with it, we won’t!

As Henry Ford said: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

In a changing world it is easy to feel that we are unable to control so many aspects that impact on our lives,  but we do have control of 3 very important things.

So what are the 3 things we can control?

  • our thoughts
  • our words
  • our actions

 What we think and do today is what we will be in a year!

You definitely need to check your thoughts (positive or negative), words and actions.

And as we all know, to become successful we need to step out of our comfort zone and do things that we actually don’t like to do…

Feel the fear and DO IT anyway

Can you to think about an event in your past where you have been successful, have been happy or made you feel awesome.

It could be one of the following:

  • you won a competition
  • you have played a solo on a concert
  • you were singing in front of a big crowd
  • you got a job but actually did not expect this
  • you are a mother or father of a wonderful kid

… you get the point, take anything that made you feel happy or successful

When thinking about this event you automatically get the feelings back you had then… can you feel it? Can you feel the self-confidence right now? Use this feeling for your business. Whenever you have hard times and doubt about your business, bring back these feelings. You know that you can do it, and you know that you will always fail sometimes… but fail foward! Learn your lesson, implement what you learned and keep going.

Self-confidence and motivation are other things you need. Believe in yourself, in your product or service, or in the products you promote and know that if you use the right sources and techniques, the process always works for you.

Surround yourself with like-minded people. I know you probably don’t have millionaires in your family and circle of friends. Join masterminds, a coaching program and go to live events. There you will find lots of people who think the same way as you do, and nobody will laugh at you when you tell them about your goals.

To accelerate your success get yourself a mentor / coach who is already there or on the best way to where you want to go…. and this person can exactly tell you where and what you need to change or improve. You don’t need to make all the same mistakes your coach did before. Take the shortcut and listen to your mentor, ask your questions, and then go ahead and implement what you were told.

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