9 Ways To Start A Business with Zero Money

There is so much hype and programs that overpromise or make guarantees that are for most people unrealistic, which gives online businesses a bad reputation. However if we look at copies that are growing, most are doing this by having an internet presence.  Companies like Amazon, Ebay and Priceline have evolved and adapted their strategies and kept ahead of their competitors. Amazon started with books but now sell almost anything you need. They have done this by listening to their clients and understanding their customer pain points, then taking the actions needed to solve the problems.

So what has this got to do with starting a business with zero costs?  We are a nation of consumers, we love to spend. In the beginning you may have more time than money so we will look at strategies that are free. Lets be real here, every business needs resources; resources will be your time or your money. The strategy is to test the service, get proof of concept and above all start earning money before spending. Even if you have unlimited financial resources you should consider these points but you may pass to the next stage more quickly.

1. Start With A Service

Whether you are thinking of starting a traditional business or an online business you should start with a service. Think about what you are good at, your passion, an interest that you would be happy to work on, even if you are not paid!  After evaluation of your talents you need to consider if there is a market for your service. You can research the internet, ask friends, family and potential customers. Is this service offered by others? If it is, there is a high chance that there is a market for your service. How much competition is there? How will you differentiate your service from the competition? You will need to Get out and promote your service, hustle.

By offering a service your clients need, you will get to know them better and often what service you offer them today will evolve into a different offer tomorrow, just like Amazon!

2. Use FB a Website

Creating a fan page in Facebook is just like creating a website. You can add information about your business, contact details, posts about about your service.  Is your service local or global?  You will need to attract followers (potential clients) and you will need to engage with your followers, build a relationship with them, find out their pain points and what they want before launching into how you can help them. Listen, listen and then listen again.

3. Get Noticed

Social media is a great way to get noticed. Find out who the influences are in your niche or your town and connect with them. If they are local meet up with them. You will be surprised how many will want to share their story and will be willing to help.  Write a Facebook post about your meeting, add images and most importantly add mentions i.e. you mention the person by name in the post, you can also add the names of the people you are with. This way they will be notifies of your post and are more likely to share, especially if you have said something positive!

4. Make Alliances

If you are worried about selling, or think you don't have selling skills, then it is easier to build alliances. What product or service do your potential clients use before or after they would use your service? Once you understand where your service is in the chain you can make alliances with the other product or service providers and refer work to each other. This is often less intimidating than selling your service directly.

5. Pre Sell

Making alliances and being involved with influencers will help pre sell your service for you. They will talk about you and your service and recommend you. So make sure you are the kind of person that people will want to recommend and that you have a service that delivers and exceeds customer expectation. Always consider how you can be more resourceful with your resources. Offer a free service taster to your influencers and alliance partners so that they will rave about your service and recommend you to their inner circle.

6. Barter

What services do you need and what can you barter? Look for the services you need from companies that need your service. Many companies are prepared to exchange in part or full for products or services that are overstocked or under used. This could be a win win for you both. This could be an intern that will give you some time in exchange for work experience

7.  No Expensive Office

Start by either going to your clients office or place of work. If you are looking for a more neutral ground why not meet at your local coffee shop or in a local hotel lobby. Coffie shop OfficeThis will allow you to  keep your office overheads down to the price of a coffee or 2. You will need a place to work and you can set up an area in your home.

8. Network

There are meet ups (http://meetup.com) near you, near where you vacation, near where you are visiting, there meet ups about all kinds of subjects. They are great networking opportunities and can be a lot of fun. You can either join a meet up organised by someone else or you can organise your own meet up.

9. Educate YourselfLive event

Keep up to date with your services, read books and articles. Go to training events. There is an event in September in LA where you can learn about digital marketing and developing an on-line business click here to find out more (LA EVENT).The chamber of commerce often have free events. Not only will you learn but you will be meeting new people that you can potentially become new alliances, customers or suppliers (remember to BARTER). Learn the skills you need to market and grow your business. There are a lot of training sites and videos that you can watch to learn new skills. In fact there is so much you may need to have a coach guide you through what you need…


Once your service is bringing in an income you can look at different strategies that will allow you to scale your business

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Resource : Watch video of Evan Carmicheal

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