Be More Balanced

Getting a balance  between business and private life is important and harder when you work from home. Why not create a structure to your week an allocate time in all areas of your life so that you remain charge and balanced.

Take walks
While it was French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who coined the term “thought walks,” many others have had eureka moments while taking walks alone. A walk in the park, along the beach, a mountain path, in the woods somewhere where you can think without being interrupted

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Create a Dream Board
This could be a cork board or a collage you hang in front of your desk, or even a virtual board like Pinterest. No matter what kind of dream board you choose to make, having one that you see daily will always remind you of your dreams and passions

vision-board Dream board 2012 Team Beachbody Coach Melissa Morris Bombshell Dysnasty Emerald Coach DreamBoard

Follow those relevant to your passion
The Internet is home to opportunities to learn, to be creative, and to collaborate. Following life-peg personalities and subscribing to your favorite websites and magazines will ensure that you are in-the-know for new opportunities and ideas.

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Go Off line,
The Internet is like a double-edged sword. It could also be a vacuum that sucks out much of our time and energy, though. It may also cause difficulty in sleeping when gadgets are used an hour or two before bedtime. There have been movements all over the world that have advocated spending Sundays offline to do something creative and get back to the basics; spend time with family and friends get some fresh air, talk to people,

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Do something you have been putting off
Aside from feeling fulfilled, these are baby steps to finally reaching your long-term goals. Also, the small mundane tasks at the back of your mind cause additional stress and cause some people to be less focused.
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