14 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Starting My Online Business

Getting Started

Getting started in business is the hardest step but there are slippery patches along the way and here are 14 words of wisdom/tips I wish I had before I started my online business.

Often I am asked…..

“What are the things you need to know before starting an online business?”

This is a question which you have probably came across, when you were thinking of starting your online business, right?

before starting my online business I worked hard

work anywhere

Starting an online business could be scary yet exciting. Why? First, you don't have to put up with office politics. You'll be more like a powerhouse and that's challenging. You don't have to worry about being tied up to the 9-5 shift. Instead, you may work less or even longer hours and yet you'll love every second of it. And one thing that could be really cool, is that you'll never go back to the job-hunting scenario.

Does that make your heart beats a little faster? Or tickles your mind to go for the challenge?

To start your online business, there's a list of things you need to know. That's why we have listed here the things which will help you in your venture:

  1. Every action counts – may it be little or big

You started a business because you want big results. That's great – but don't ever underestimate the power of little steps. Little actions, when accumulated, could result to something big.

  1. Stop procrastinating

You only have 24 hours a day. Once you let an hour or even a minute pass by without doing something because in your mind you still have a lot of time, think again! Be productive in every possible time you can.

  1. You may not know everything

Yes, you may not have the knowledge to start everything. Start anyway! But, remember to learn as you go along. Progress over perfection.

  1. Read, read and read a lot

Allow yourself to discover new things which may be helpful to you as you start your online business. Equip yourself with knowledge – read books, articles or magazines related to your chosen industry.

  1. Build a relationship – one at a time

Expand your network. Seek help from others. It won't make you any less of a human when you seek help from others. And, never ever forget to thank those who help you.

  1. Invest in yourself

You may have bought the latest iPhone model and yet you can't buy the $45 e-book which could unveil some important lessons you need to learn in starting your online business? Where's the logic in that? Don't ever hesitate to invest on yourself when it comes to acquiring knowledge and skills.

before starting my online business I wanted to be an entrepreneur7. Stop comparing yourself with those who have started a year or 5 years ago

It is useless! Why would you waste time comparing yourself when you can use the time building yourself? Comparison will only rob your focus, motivation and joy. Focus on yourself and your business. However you can learn from these people as they often make good coaches or mentors

  1. Whatever you've started, finish it

It's not going to be easy because if it is easy, every one's going to have it. The start is always the hardest but it's not a reason for you to stop. Continue! Finish to reach your goal or even surpass it.

“Quiiters NEVER win and Winners NEVER Quit” .

Most people give up so they will never win. To win you have to keep going because success is likely to be close.

  1. Focus on service then move towards product

As you start, you will have more time than money. Be better with your craft. Get acquainted with your clients and work with them. Establish your relationship with your customers by giving them great service. When you value your customers, they will know you are worthy of the money they will be paying.

  1. Know your timeline

Always keep in mind your to-do list and timeframe. Surely, you don't want to miss or delay something important that could impact your online business. Focus on the important stuff because there will be a lot of distracting “noise” that will consume your time and drain your energy and possibly your bank account!!

  1. A website is not an added expense but an investment

You are building an online business, you need a website! Your website will be your main place where you will run your business and where clients will know more about your business. It adds credibility.

  1. Start an Email List

From day zero, start an email list. This will help you connect with your existing and potential clients.When you start your list keep in mind what you are going to offer to that list, start with the end in mind. Then email your list everyday. If you don't, they will soon forget who you are. If you start a list realise you will need to send an email everyday and this required time. Fortunately there are lots of software tools that can help with creating email sequences and once these have been set up you new prospects will receive a followup series.book a free coaching session

  1. Ask your leads where and how they find you/your business

Asking them that powerful question will help you analyze and figure out your best channels. It will also give you an edge when it comes to leveraging your business. Engage with your leads, look for them on social media, make friend, invite to connect or follow.

  1. Always know your purpose in starting your online business

Never forget your purpose for starting your business. This will keep you on track and will motivate you to continue even if times get rough.

As a bonus I would also recommend finding a coach that has travelled the road you want to tread, this will help shortcut your road to success.

Finally dig deep into knowing and understanding your avatar. Who they are, what they like and also what they don't like, what are their pain points? What keeps them awake at night. What are they doing  now, before you show them a solution, and then what will they look like, how will they feel if they choose to follow you?

if you have any questions reach out. Book a free coaching/consulting session

If this helps you or you think could help someone in your family or friends, share it on your favorite social media channel. You never know whose life venture you might change.


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