Best Online Business

2When you’re deciding on the best online business to choose, you should look for a number of factors:

  1. Revenue Potential

“Fire” products that aren’t making you money. Your space is valuable, so don’t keep products that aren’t helping you. Track the success of each ad, both in terms of number of clicks and how much money you receive. Consider using a business such as MOBE, where the products sell well and don’t have to be stored.  Also, check out the MOBE Marketplace for a larger variety of choices.

  1. Visibility

3Internet marketing is a good idea for anyone with a business or a product that they want the public to become aware of, because visibility increases revenue.  The best online business will sell products that give immediate gratification, such as online information products. After just a few clicks and putting in a card number, the customer gets immediate delivery. Over time, the best businesses will continue to follow up with that customer, see if anything else is needed, and offer new ideas.

  1. Quality of Offer

4When looking for the best online business, check out the various competitors to see what they offer. MOBE took off like a skyrocket in late 2012 because the offers were inherently superior.  Affiliate marketers could suddenly make 50% commissions on “back end” (highest-priced) products, in contrast to the traditional affiliate commissions of 50% on the “front end” (low-cost, introductory) offers only. Suddenly, affiliates were getting thousands in commissions for bringing in new customers. In other companies, they would get half of a $3.95 – $9.95 introductory sale, and zero commissions on high-priced, “back end” products such as $10,000 masterminds.

  1. Ease of Entry

6Some of the best online businesses lend themselves well to easy marketing techniques like blogging and posting YouTube videos. World-famous John Chow did exactly that. He started a free blog on WordPress just to keep in touch with his family, but then started talking about some of the affiliate offers and ways to make money online that he was learning about.  After about a year of blogging every day, he discovered MOBE and started getting commissions in the thousands. Because his blog had become well-known by this time, his followers started buying products from MOBE through John Chow … and soon thousands turned into tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands. John recently passed the $1 million mark in commissions earned.

  1. Social Media-Friendly

11Any new venture should be social media-friendly. If you feel excited about the best online business you’ve found, you should share your excitement. That won’t necessarily bring you huge commissions from friends or family, but over time friends of friends will notice you. And when you start making commissions and share the joy that you feel, people take notice. This is a free way to share your opportunity and why you love it. Combined with ads on social media, this could turn into a big online presence and a larger reach. Remember, if nobody ever sees your offer, even if you’ve found the best online business opportunity ever, nobody will buy from you.

12Finding the best online business can take some energy, but it’s well worth the effort. MOBE is certainly one of those companies that stands out from the rest, and its revenues prove it.  But it took a long time and a lot of experimentation, experience, and trying for Matt Lloyd to figure out exactly how to structure an online business so that it would be the best. In his experience as an affiliate marketer, employee, and micro-business owner, he really hit on the best ideas and created one of the best online businesses out there.  With a little effort, you can find the best online business for yourself, too.

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