Discover Who Uses Instagram And Why

Instagram recently announced that it has reached a community of 500 million users. Are you one of us? I have been using Instagram for some time now and I have met many people who actually use [...]

10 Marketing Lessons from Apple

Apple has had some great successes. What can we learn from Apple marketing and how can we apply those lessons to our own business. Keep It Simple Strip out the noise and unnecessary words, use [...]

What is a Customer Avatar?

What is a customer avatar? Your customer avatar is the profile of your ideal customer and having an in depth understanding of your customer avatar is an essential step to business  success.  By [...]

How To Attract Customer

If you have a business, surely you have asked yourself how to attract customer, right? It’s actually a good question which can make or break your business. After all, getting more customer means [...]

Fast and Effective Content Curation

Your Guide to Fast and Effective Content Curation Internet marketing is typically a rather time consuming and slow-going process. It involves constantly posting new content to your own website, [...]

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