Send out an anonymous survey to your employees. Hopefully, everyone participates.

A question always worth asking is, “Do you have the tools and resources to do your job?” Paul Kirchoff asked this question to his employees and quite a few of them answered no.

He was shocked to learn that his employees felt they couldn’t even do their job. If he had not surveyed them, he probably would have never found out.

Once you have uncovered the problem, you can start implementing solutions. Get your employees the training, the technology, the checklists or whatever they need to effectively do their jobs.


Include some questions in your survey that uncover your employees’ attitudes towards you.

Paul Kirchoff’s survey asked his employees to agree or disagree with the statements, “All levels of management do an excellent job of keeping employees informed,” and, “All levels of management do an excellent job of following through.”

Don’t assume you’re doing a great job. When Paul Kirchoff got his survey results, he again was shocked to learn that not many people agreed. They thought he was a poor communicator and that he wasn’t following through on the things he did say.

If your employees think similar thoughts about you, you should want to find out as soon as possible so that you can start fixing it.


Paul Kirchoff loves his employees like a dad loves his kids. He works the hardest, yet he gets all the blame for every problem. They don’t seem to notice how hard he works to give them a great place to work, yet they’ll complain whenever he slips up.

If your employees say you’re not trustworthy, don’t take it personally. Perhaps, in the heat of battle, you expressed a plan that you were possibly going to carry out, and they heard it as a guarantee.

Maybe you were forced to change your plans for reasons outside of your control, but they don’t see it that way. Maybe you honestly forgot about it and you got busy with the next thing. They’ll say you’re a liar but they don’t know how busy you get. Don’t blame them for that.

Don’t assume your employees know everything. They might complain about no snacks in the kitchen, unaware that you’re busy working to preserve their salaries. But if you are transparent about this, they won’t hold it against you.

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