Creating a Sales Funnel in Real Time Online Workshop

Starting out an online business can be very exciting. The possibilities are endless and dreams are awakened. So why do many people start and then give up?

Have you tried and given up?

What stopped you from reaching your goals?

In many cases promises were made and not fulfilled, or the expectations were not realistic. Maybe the product was not right, maybe the help was not there, maybe it was not as easy as suggested.  Then you search around for alternatives and start to get more desperate, you become overwhelmed by the choices and eventually give up.

Does this sound like you? Well I am here to tell you that its not your fault and that with the right, the right training , the right mindset, you can get the right skills to start or grow any business. How do I know?

Well when I started out I had the same struggles as you and I was lucky enough to find some amazing people along the way that helped me.

I have since gone on and joined masterminds and spent over 100k on my personal development and education. Now I want to give back and help others over their particular struggles.

One of my coaching students searched me out  on the internet and contacted me on Facebook. This showed me that she has initiative and that she is someone to take action. After  a few coaching sessions we put together a blue print that would work for her that took into consideration her budget, her passions, her available time and constraints.

So let me introduce you to Sade and let me show you how we created her sales funnel for her in an online live, real time workshop.

If you would like to be the next case study or join the coaching group  Click Here and complete the application form

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