What Are Habits & How We Can Change Them

What are Habits

Success Series 1/10

Habits are part of what we do everyday. Our personal rituals and routines. We often learn bad habits. But just like good habits they are not just ‘picked up'. A habit is created through repetition over time.

Sometime trying to get rid of a bad habit is hard so try replacing the habit with a good habit.

So how does this impact on a business?

Well many home based entrepreneurs have created bad habits. Maybe they spend too much time on social media, watching TV when they should be working, or buying the ‘latest and greatest' tool which they believe will finally make them successful.

All too many have long lists of things to do but don't have a plan of when to action those points. Maybe this is something you can relate to.

The most productive habits need to be developed. You will need to work hard at this process until the new action becomes a habit. You can create a new habit by doing the task everyday for 30 days.

So lets say you have an online business what tasks do you need to cultivate to enhance your business and how can they become a habit?

Make a list of the tasks that will take you closer to your goals. I will assume in this case that your goal is to make more money.

Here are some new habits to develop.

  1. Writing an email

    Write 1 email a day everyday for 30 days. (I am not going to cover different types of emails here). The emails will help you build a relationship with your subscribers. ******* Remember the money is NOT in the list but in the relationship with your list. When they know like and trust you they are more likely to buy from you.

  2. Make a Video

    Make a short video (1-2 minutes) everyday for 30 days. You could choice from many difference subjects but I do think that the following videos are useful.

    1. A short Thank you video. Thank you for subscribing. Thank you for buying my product
    2. Short how to videos ( They may be slightly longer)
    3. Tip of the day
  3. Write a Blog

    Write 1 blog post everyday for 30 days. (If you have a website then writing a blog can be a great way to get organic traffic).

  4. Learn a New Skill

    Learn more about 1 new traffic source. I new lesson a day for 30 days

  5. Place an Ad

    Placing an advertisement everyday will get you more familiar with the traffic source.


A useful tip is to start your new routine at a set time everyday. and decide in advance how much time you will spend on that activity.

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