Happy in What you do?

If people were valued in their jobs and happy with the_emoticon_turns_30__seems_happy_about_it_their employers  would there be fewer people looking for an alternative way of earning a living?

Many people are sold the dream of financial freedom, time freedom and location freedom and for many their dreams are dashed on the rocks as they jump off the cliffs of  disillusionment.

Only 98% of people will succeed. This may be because of the product or lack of knowledge or information overload but it domes down to the fact that their mindset is not right. They need to want to succeed they need to have passion to succeed they must have drive to succeed and they must not give up even when things get tough.

So why do so many people everyday signup for the dream? Well like the lottery they hope that they will get something for nothing and the only a few people win as the odds are stacked up against them; but still somewhere there is still a glimmering hope that they will be the ones to win.

Everyday people start a new diet, or  sport and after a while they may have some results but if they don't see results quickly enough they give up; those that persevere and carry on and work hard and consistently put in the effort succeed and reach their goals. This could be the amount of weight they lost or an ability to play a game to a good level or run a marathon, or indeed success with an online business.

How many people turn into professional football coaches when they watch a match? How many employees criticise their bosses and talk about how they could do it better. In reality coaching that team or of running that company are very different from the those perceive by people standing on the outskirts.

But everyday people choose to o start their own business and each one will have different reasons, different motivations, different skills, different goals and this is bring a wealth of riches with it. People from all works of life are joining the online business wave.  Young graduates unable to find a job, Baby Boomers without sufficient pensions, successful business people who are fed up being under valued, Jobless individuals looking to make a living. Some are looking to make a few dolls others are wanting to make big bucks, others are searching to be valued or have something to prove to themselves or others. The reasons and the motivating factors are many.

Some product programmes are only concerned with taking from these newbies but those that help an support them are more likely to succeed. Some of the best and most successful on line marketers help and support others and know how to encourage their team. Its like with any business once, we get a client we need to look after the client and build the relationship with them.

The happy employees are the most proactive , happy clients buy more, happy people learn better.

Its time to get HAPPY

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