Whats The Biggest Problem With High Ticket Programs?

What is the biggest problem with high ticket programs?
If you’re involved in programs like these, you need to read this.

If you know someone involved in programs like these, you need to tag them so that they can read this.


Wanna know the biggest problem with programs like these?
Well, I’ll tell you…
The problem is not that programs like these are scams (they’re not)…
The problem is not that you can’t make money with them (they’ve paid out millions in commissions, so clearly money is being paid)
The problem, as I see it, is something different.
Let me explain…
Back in 1998, I started my journey as an online entrepreneur.
My first few years in this industry, I spent about over $80,000 jumping from program to program.
And as you may guess…. these opportunities didn't work.. at least not for me. And if it hadn't been for my lucrative corporate job I would have been heading for bankruptcy as it was I had to sell my house
Fast forward several years later.
I took the plunge.
went ‘all- in'
This time things would be different
You see, the “problem” with most money-making programs is that 90% of the people who join, do so without first having the ONE CRITICAL ELEMENT necessary to succeed.
Allow me to explain.
Here’s how it normally works….
Step 1: You join the program
Step 2: You drop $10,000… $20,000… or $30,000 to go “ALL IN” because you don’t want to miss out on any commissions
Step 3: You start trying to market the program, but you’re limited as to how much you can advertise because you spent all of your money going “ALL IN”
You see, the problem here is that you’ve got things backward.
You found something to sell, first… and THEN you started building an audience to sell it to.
This is the problem. You should've done it the other way around.
What you should’ve done first was build the AUDIENCE … and THEN find stuff to sell them.
THAT is the secret of the people at the top of the leader-boards.
Do you want to know why the top income earners in these programs make as much money as they do?audience
Here’s the answer…
It’s because BEFORE they go “ALL IN” and spend 10’s of thousands of dollars to qualify for all of the commission levels; they make sure they have an audience of 20,000…30,000…50,000 people (or more) who might be interested in joining them.
And whats also interesting is that many of these top earners are involved in multiple opportunities so they can promote different offers to their list.
This also protects them in the case (heaven forbid) that one of the programs goes down!!

Secret #1. When you’re dealing with 40,000 people on your list… 40 of them joining your biz opp that has a big $ component to it, can easily make you $10,000 to $40,000 (or more) your first month.


Secret #2. You know that I can sell something else of value to the other 99 who didn’t join your opportunity.

The problem with business opportunities like MOBE, Digital Altitude, Etc… is that you join them without FIRST having a big list.
Let me say that again.
The problem is that you join the opportunity first and THEN look for people to sell it to.
I used to do this… but now I know that it's smarter to FIRST get the people and THEN find something to sell them.
Your problem is that you spend >$20,000 to make sure you’re qualified at all the levels, and then you’ve got no money left to advertise.
You’d have been better off (in my opinion) spending $17,000 growing your list… and then buying into the opportunity at the $3,000 level and working your way up.
The fact of the matter is this…
Every single person you see on the leader-board when an opportunity first starts picking up steam – has a list.
Every single person you see constantly winning affiliate contests on platforms like JVZoo or Warrior Plus has a list.

What’s the #1 FASTEST, EASIEST, AND MOST COST EFFECTIVE WAY for you to build a list of 10,000 people or more?

And while you are building your list how can you build a relationship with them so that get to know like and trust you.
Building the list is not enough by its self.
I have strategies for building your list and more importantly building your relationship with that list.
Looking for answers let me help. Book a free strategy session http://susanastokes.com/kickstart.

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P.P.S High Ticket programs can work extremely well if you either have a list or financial resources

Remember that this is a business, not a hobby and that there will be business expenses so you will need to have a budget for these expenses.

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