Home Business Ideas: A Fabulous Story

ddddddddAmong all the various home business ideas, from pool cleaning to virtual secretary, the fastest-growing one is Internet marketing. And among all the shopping modalities, be it weekend visits to the mall or home fittings by your personal tailor, online shopping is growing the fastest.

Do you see a trend here?

Since it’s easier than ever to put your home business idea online or home-based-businessfind a great home business idea to take advantage of, it’s a good idea to start scouting around now and find a way to earn extra money online.  You might even find that you can replace your full-time income with a part-time Internet marketing business at home.

Just as Microsoft and Apple had humble beginnings in garage workshops, young Matt Lloyd created his home business giant MOBE in a tiny corner of a room he was renting from his parents.  It was no giant at the time – in fact, it was just a home business idea intended to leverage the power of the Internet to connect people to the very services and products they were looking for.

Matt realized that increasingly, people wouldn't be waiting passively for a door-to-door salesman to show up with just the right widget.  And people didn’t much relish the idea of pounding the pavement in the mall, searching for what they needed. They had money to spend, and needs to fill, but they wanted convenience too. They were searching online.  His home business idea was spawned from that set of realities early in the 21st century.

downloadWorking feverishly in his tiny home office, and trying a number of home business ideas, Matt was on a mission.  He had already tried a few brick-and-mortar businesses under age 20, and had unwavering drive, and would not rest until he created and tweaked his brain child until it was revolutionary and wrote a book about it.

The revolution had to do with the growing number of affiliate salespeople working strictly online. They would search for people looking for goods and services, and drive those people to a company that had agreed to pay them commissions for new customers. The trouble was that these affiliate salespeople, quite skilled and focused, made tiny commissions, did all the work of finding the new customers, and then had to start over the next day looking for new ones. Matt decided that they weren’t getting enough for their efforts.

f7aa9986d97a9f0b322cbc4d4f5995bcMatt’s book, I.M. [Internet Marketing] Revolution, outlined a program in which affiliate marketers would “keep” the people they found, long past the first sale. As customers bought higher-priced items from that company over the course of a lifetime, the affiliates would continue to earn credit for their hard work and advanced Internet marketing skills.

Today MOBE has moved into the realm of big business, paying out well over $1.5 million in commissions since its inception. Matt’s idea has made many an Internet marketer rich. Although newcomers must still learn the skills and self-discipline involved in affiliate Internet marketing, Matt’s home business idea turned out to be one of the best this century has seen so far.

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