How To Attract Customer

If you have a business, surely you have asked yourself how to attract customer, right? It’s actually a good question which can make or break your business. After all, getting more customer means more sales which results in growing profit of your business. Customers will be your key to advance your business. They are the key for every financial growth and success.  Attracting people to your business has never been an easy task but there are ways and strategies that you can take to make sure that this happen. There are multiple ways to do it, but let’s discuss the most common and most effective strategies used by many to attract thousands and thousands of customers. Here are some of them:

Make some Noise.

You may notice that this normally happens on a newly opened store. If you have a place in the city to put up your business, this is a good start. Crank your music to make them look at what’s happening, make sure your store looks interesting outside as it is on the inside. Go out and talk to people about your store, let them know about your products or simply give out some flyers.


Give out Freebies.

Seems questionable right? You’re running a business so that you can earn some money, but instead you need to give something out? Does that seem right? Running a business does not always mean profit or sales; there are instances that your money needs to flow out of the business to earn more profit – that’s investment. People love freebies, I mean who doesn’t? News will spread like wild fire if they liked what they received thus making people aware of your new store. These strategies are commonly applied to newly established business. You can maybe give a sample product like a shirt, a book, a first free class for a dance studio or fruit. There are many more possible ideas and it’s up to you how to make this appealing to the customers.


Always have something new.

When we say new, it doesn’t always mean something that’s not in your store or product. It can also mean something that’s not in the market; something that people has not seen before; something that other businesses don’t have. Be creative, surf the net once in a while to see what’s trending. Get some ideas, create and show the customers your new products.


Put up your Sale sign.

One of the ever famous ways to attract customers is through sale. Everyone loves sale! Store owners could get a colorful sign that says “SALE – 3 days only! From 9am to 5pm or Save as much as”. This will instantly get their attention and will leave a memorable occasion in their mind subconsciously. You may want to put urgency on your sign because people can sometimes delay shopping because they would think that you have sale every day. Use a 50% off sign if needed, people will line up for this. Just remember that you can only do this once in a while to attract new customers.


Use Social Media.

People nowadays are either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Youtube, Pinterest and so much more. Social media is where you can meet new people, why not use it to promote your business? It’s one of the fastest ways for the world to be aware of your existence. Majority of the people have an account on Facebook! According to a survey, Facebook is one of the leading social media sites used today. So start by creating a page, make it creative, post your products and start engaging with your audience! People will start to notice your post; they like it, then responding by comments, and then possibly buying your products. Engage with the people that comment, mentions and hashtags are also away of getting someone's attention.

Each Social Media site allows you to have a page, that you can personalize (personal and business pages). Each page has a cover image that will help you. Below is a link to a company that will design a professional cover for you, for free! Having multiple social media channels with branding will help spread your identity across the internet.

social media covers

*** If you want to create your own covers I recommend using – on online free tool

All your focus on attracting customer must revolve around getting your store out in the world, attracting the customer and keeping them loyal in your business, making sales, giving them a reason to come back with their friends. Remember there are many more ways to attract customers. Do some research, convey some surveys and apply it. Then, choose some that are more suitable for your business.


Always over deliver, go the extra mile. Educate your prospects, give away content, and have an abundant mindset.

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