How To Transition from JOB to Online Business

How to Transition to a Full-Time Internet Marketing Job

A strategy for the risk averse. For many, the idea of earning a living online is what they would consider to be ‘the dream’. If you can earn all your income online, then you can work from any environment that you find comfortable, you can stop taking long commutes into work and you can choose your own working hours. Working online gives you total freedom and flexibility and at the same time, allows you to scale your business to any extent you like.pexels-photo-296878

But the problem is making the leap and transitioning to making money purely online. Most of us will need to spend our days doing our regular 9-5 job, which means we only have a couple of hours in the evening in which to work on our own projects.

What’s more is that many businesses require some kind of financial investment – an investment that many of us won’t be able to afford – and they require a basic understanding of the web.

So, the question is: how does a busy business person transition to a point where they can make a full-time living online?

Scaling Up

The key is to set out not to quit your day job and start living the internet marketing dream, but instead simply to make a little extra side income. In other words, keep your objectives modest to begin with and that way you can then scale up gradually in order to reach the point where you’re able to give up your day job.financing-2380158_640

You may not have time in the evenings to create a full-scale business, but you probably do have time to make a few blog posts or to sell a few items of stock. If you keep your business small, then you only need a few hours.

Likewise, you can avoid needing a big investment this way. For example, if you are reselling a product, then you’ll only need to invest in a small amount of inventory to begin with (maybe $100 worth) because you wouldn’t have time to sell more anyway. Then if those items sell successfully, you simply reinvest the profit back into a bigger order of stock. Another option is to find a drop shipper and you only buy the product once you have an order and the product is shipped directly to your client.

Beginning the Transition

This also means that there is no reason to take a big plunge and quit your day job. train-station-690393_640There’s no reason to risk losing your income and having nothing to replace it because you’re just doing this as a hobby in the evenings. But trust me – earning an extra $30 a week even can make quite a big difference to your lifestyle and is incredibly rewarding.

Then, if things seem to be going well, you could consider working on day of the weekend. Or perhaps you could negotiate working a 4 day week. Maybe consider leaving your job and taking part-time work too.

Only as the business starts to grow do you need to consider working less for your current job and that way you can make the transition seamlessly and without needing to take any big, reckless risk!

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