Importance of Building Good Relationships in Business

As  important as it is to make relationships in one’s personal life it is even more important to make relationships when doing business. The purpose of making relationships is very simple. Relationships provide us with somebody to rely on. It is these relationships that provide us support and help us navigate through both good and bad times.


People in a workplace spend a lot of time together. It is impossible to say that these people won’t develop certain kinds of relationships among themselves. Hence there is a lot of importance attributed to workplace relationships. The business people who understand the importance of developing workplace relationships are always in a better position when it comes to handling their teams and creating high performance teams.

There are a lot of factors which can help us understand the important role that business relationships play in ensuring the success of any business. A few of these factors are as follows:

  1. Team Cohesiveness

A team which has many mature members is far more cohesive than one which does not have as many mature members. A team can function more smoothly when there is a personal component in the relationships shared by people of a team. Often if people are not comfortable with each other in a team they will feel shy in expressing themselves properly.
On the other hand if the members of a team share good relationships then they will be more open and forthcoming with each other.

  1. Psychological Factor

An in built need that every human has is of being accepted in a group. If a person is well accepted in a group then he or she will be at ease while functioning in the group. If there are good relationships in a workplace then people tend to take everything within the workplace in a very positive manner. If one struggles to form relationships with co-workers then more often than not they will be dissatisfied with the outcomes in the workplace. Hence with every good relationship being developed in a workplace there is tremendous improvement in the employee’s morale.

  1. Social Life

Having good work relationships 20-social-media-iconsbrings about a tremendous change in a person’s perception of workplace. If people enjoy good relationships then they will look forward to coming to work each day. This will bring a very positive energy to the workplace. Having friends at work makes work as fun as hanging out at a restaurant.

  1. Personal Support

Workplace often presents people with unforeseen challenges. At such a time you may want to discuss the problems only with someone who can understand them really well. In such a scenario having a friend in a co-worker can go a long way in boosting employee morale and ensuring low turnover. People can talk to and seek support from their co-workers at time of need. This not only helps in better problem solving but also creates a friendly environment in the workplace.

Given all the above factors it is of great importance that good business and workplace relationships are encouraged.

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