4 Reasons Why You Need To Get To Know Your Customer Avatar?

In a recent Blog post I talked  about creating a customer avatar and today we are going to talk about “why you need to get to know your customer avatar”. A customer avatar is a very specific profile in which you have compiled details about your ideal customers,  for a particular product or service, with the view to being able to target your advertising and increase sales. You have identified  their ages, where they hang out, what they do in their free time, their interests and so much more. The more details you have, the more you’ll be able to understand your customers and then be able to plan the best strategy to meet their needs.

For more details on what is a customer avatar and how to make them, please read my full article: “What is a Customer Avatar?”

Now why do we need a customer avatar? and why is it important to get to know them. As mentioned earlier, there are multiple benefits of understanding your customer. The more you understand their lifestyle, their hobbies, and interests, the more you’ll be able to market effectively and develop your products to solve their pain paints. In the process help your business grow. Knowing your avatar can be very beneficial for your sales. Let’s talk about the four major reasons why you need a customer avatar.

To identify your prospects.

Knowing your customer is important to your business. Knowing what their pain points are and knowing you have a solution can save It  time, effort and money. If you know their pain point but do not have a solution you can choose to introduce that customer to someone who does have a solution, or  develop a solution for them. Sometimes you will waste time trying to help people who just don't fit your customer profile. Lets say you are a realtor  who specialises in luxury houses, a client arrives and has a budget of $50k to buy a property, you know you are not going to be able to help them. It is important  to ask the prospect questions to determine if they do indeed meet your criteria. Failing to do so can waste your customer’s time and your time. Having a customer avatar can help you identify which are the qualified customers easily. When advertising on platforms such as Facebook, knowing your avatar will allow you to laser target your prospects and have a better return on your investment.

Find out where your customers hangout

Marketing your products online can be much faster and easier if you know where to find your customers. This is one of the questions that you should answer when constructing your avatar. A wise businessman should know where his target markets are. A customer avatar can help you understand where people hang out then advertise to them there. face book is not the only social media for example if you are in the B2B sector your avatar may be on Linkedin. Magazines and clubs can be a great source of prospects  and most have an online presence that will allow you to advertise to their members

Find out what your Customer’s want

Identifying what the customer wants can be a huge advantage to your business. Getting close to your customers and prospects will ensure you get feed back. You will develop your products to meet their needs. Each product may have a different avatar so being niche specific can help keep the company streamlined. By specialising in a niche you become the expert in that field. You can use this information to refine your marketing strategy. Your ad spend will be less as you are only advertising to people that are interested in your product. Finding out what they want and when can help you plan your promotions

Do you have challenges selling?


Now that you know where they are, you know that they qualified as a prospect, you know what they want, so you are expecting a sale, but it doesn't happen.You need to identify the challenges in selling to the customer. Why are you having a hard time closing a deal? Evaluate and learn from the experience find out the reason they won’t buy. Is your price too high? Are they waiting for some kind of promotion? Are they just inquiring but still need made a decision to buy? There will be more questions that you need to ask to get a better understanding.  What changes need to be made to your sales funnel or process? Just because they are an ideal customer doesn't mean they will buy from you. They may have already purchased the product or they have a preferred supplier.


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