My Advertising Pays Review

I recently was asked to review a program called My Advertising Pays for one of my students. I must say I was sceptical.

The sign up was free and then you are allowed to purchase credit packs at $49.99 each. The signup was a bit long winded and you also had to sign up for a banking system/ payments system. I had to provide ID and so the set up was very secure, but there again they are handling money so I suppose this was reasonable.

Alert No1 : There are bank charges and admin charges to pay to add money to your account to enable you to buy the credit packs





Being the sceptic that I am I only purchased 1 credit pack as I was convinced it was just another con. As I said the sign up was free and for 30 days you have full benefits to earn the maximum. After 30 days you can choose your membership level.

Alert No 2 : My credit pack I purchased on April 30th for $49.99 and matured August 27th and I was paid $60. This goes past the initial 30 day free trial. So you are unable to cashout unless you have upgraded

Alert No 3 You will need to choose a membership level and each has its own advantages and most have a cost.

Everyday you click on just 10 ads which takes 5-10 minutes. Each ad shows for either 10 seconds or a boosted ad runs for 30 seconds.

Alert No 4 You maybe tempted to purchase products!! BEWARE

Alert No 5 The company is growing quickly and sometimes their system is slow

So what did I get for my $49.99 investment? I got the credit pack which I have already mentioned, in addition you also receive 550 ad views for you to advertise your product or service for 10 seconds each plus 10 booster packs that allowed 10 of those views to run for 30 seconds.

Bonus No 1: Inaddition to earning money you also get to advertise your service. So really this is at worse free advertising but when you get paid you have your original investment back plus your earnings plus you have advertised!

The membership package runs for 6 months giving you enough time to redeem your credit packs or you may want to reinvest your $60

Bonus No 2: When you reinvest your earnings you do not pay any bank or admin charges

They payout 72 times a day so you can see your money grow

Alert No 6 : This can become quite additive               Maps addictive

The system is easy to use. Whether you are clicking on the ads or placing your ad it all is simple to do

Bonus No 3 : Its easy to do, anyone can do it

There is an upper cap on the number of credit packs allowed which is 1200. Why I dont know.
You do need to invest, its almost guaranteed earnings ( subject to the company continuing but they have been going nearly 2 years and are growing and improving all the time) or you stopping the work.

Who is this  for:-

  1. Someone who needs to get a return on their investment better than a bank
  2. Someone who needs to advertise their business but doesnt have a large budget
  3. Great for anyone with several thousand to invest and earn without doing a lot of work
  4. Someone who doesnt want to recruit or sell

maps 123

Who is this NOT  for?

  1. Someone who has no product to advertise coupled with a small budget. If you can only afford 1 credit pack by the time you have paid the bank fees and membership fee you may be out of pocket.
  2. Someone looking for a get rich quickly.It is unlikely to make you a millionaire
  3. Anyone who wants to be completely hands off or can not commit to working on this for say 10 minutes a day every day.

I can really see why someone with 1200 credit packs would be very excited as they invest $60000 one time then get a minimum of $10000 profit paid every 4 months.
If you want to check this out for yourself here is the link Click Here

Click here to sign up to MAPS for free

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