My Very Quick Guide To SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Quickest Guide to Effective and Efficient SEO You Will Ever Encounter

SEO is the bedrock of internet marketing in many ways. This is the foundation on which all else is built and if you’re going to start doing internet marketing for your brand for the first time, then in all likelihood you will be starting with SEO.pexels-photo-270637

The problem is that SEO is also perhaps the most obtuse and complicated part of internet marketing. This is all about algorithms, link building, rankings and other factors that sound daunting and that might leave you reeling.

But it needn’t be that way. SEO can be very simple and it’s possible to get amazing results in a short space of time. Read on to learn just how you can go about doing that.

The Simplest Thing You Need to Know About Google

Let’s start with the simplest thing you need to know about Google. And that is that Google’s aim is to provide great quality content for its users.

Google does not care about website owners. Google only cares about the users that are searching for things to read because those are the customers that help Google to earn money through advertising from.

If Google can show relevant, interesting and well-written content to its visitors, then those visitors will come back and this is good for Google.

And so your job is to make sure you keep delivering that kind of high quality content. Post regularly and write articles that really provide something of interest and don’t try to ‘game’ the system.

Google Likes Links

The other thing to know is that Google likes links that come in to your website.

Why? Because links that point to your website are how Google finds new content but they are also seen as testimony. If people keep linking to your site, then in theory that should mean your site is good.

A lot of people try to game the system using this information however, which has led to Google becoming very stringent. Now Google places very little stock in links from random small websites and instead it much prefers links from sites that are well established and that have already earned its

What kinds of sites does Google trust? Google loves big, recognized brands, it loves .edu domains and it loves .gov domains.

What Google also likes though, are sites that have links from those domains. So, think of this a little like a game of ‘degrees of separation’.fish-1402423_640

Another way to find out quickly if Google trusts a site is to see if it ever shows up in Google’s semi-curated news results. If so, then this is a very positive sign that Google trusts that site. If you can get a link from one of those, it will do wonders for your SEO.

Focus on these ‘big fish’ links and forget the little ones that really don’t matter so much! Think about quality rather than quantity and focus on serving your visitors. That is how you succeed quickly at SEO.

Still confused?

This video explains more about SEO


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