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When you are setting up an online business, or you are struggling for time in an existing business or you find that you don’t have the skills or patience for a particular Job then outsourcing is almost certainly an option that you should be considering.

Many of us, when we are starting out in business attempt to do as much as we can., as budgets can be tight, however this can be a false economy, By outsourcing jobs right at an early stage gets you in the right mindset, for later when business grows and you need more pair of hands to get everything done, You can still do the things you like and the things you know how to do, everything else can be outsourced, By using the competence of someone experienced can save both time and money. If you don’t have the skills and have to learn the skill before progressing in the business then this learning may be costly and delay the ‘going live’ of your new business. Or you may put off doing tasks either temporarily or altogether if you don’t have the know-how!

When starting an online business will need to set up squeeze pages, consider logo design, website build, setting up an auto responder, copy writing, Blogging, placing ads, recording videos etc. There is so much to learn and we can become overwhelmed by all the things we have to learn.

Outsourcing gives you the time to do the ‘nice-tasks’ and get the rest done quickly and efficiently;

Of course you can try to do everything yourself but the problem with this is that you are severely hindering your progress and slowing yourself down.

You should be concentrating the majority of your time on actions that directly result in generating money i.e. the sales and marketing of your business, writing emails, and if you are not then, then you are wasting valuable time and effort.

The good thing about the Internet is that we have access to some highly skilled and talented people from all over the world that can do all the work that you can’t.

Make a list of all the tasks you do and then consider outsourcing them . Doing tasks that are not what you are good maybe prohibiting you from moving forward with your on-line business. Outsource it,

There are a few places you can go for this type of work but I am going to recommend that you use the websites that I use and have confidence in.

1. Elance (www.elance.com)images-18

This is probably the largest and most established outsourcing business and you can find people to do anything technical or creative that you need doing,

You simply post your brief on the website and you will then get several proposals from free lancers from all over the world. After examining the proposals and reading other users comments you will be in a better position to choose the proposal best suited to your needs or Budget

The majority of proposals will come from India and other Asian countries but in most cases they speak good English and are very skilled and very diligent.

Make sure that you have a good look at their feedback and check their portfolios to see what other work they have done. Time estimation for the work may also impact on your decision whether to accept a proposal or not.

2. Fiverr (www.fiverr.com)

Fiverr does what it says on the tin, each job costs $5 and it is images-20astonishing what people will do for $5!

You can get technical and design projects done on Fiverr

Each job is called a ‘gig’ so if you needed 2 changes making to your Word Press site for example, it might cost you 2 gigs, but $10 for a task that might take you 2 hours is a price worth paying

There are other freelance sites out there but these are the 2 that I can recommend. It does require a bit of trial and error to find the best people but in general you won’t be disappointed.

Susan Stokes

7th September 2014

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