Owning an Online Business – Car Analogy

Many people start an online business and a very high proportion fail at the very first hurdles. There are so many new terms to learn, technical issues to learn and master it is no wonder that people struggle. Some people have never had their own business and so have no concept of the ongoing investment needed.


If you bought a car and didn't know how to drive, what would you do?

  1. Would you just look at the car?
  2. Would you let someone else drive the car?
  3. Or would you learn to drive the car yourself?

Any car owner will tell you that the initial purchase of the car is small compared to the money that you will need to run, insure and maintain the vehicle over the years.

Your business is the same, you will need to consistently invest in the business, this could be in either time or money or both.

I would draw this analogy out even further. Your investment in yourself, the masterminds and live events you attend, are like the insurance policy. If the car breaks down beyond repair, the product you are promoting goes under, the knowledge you have learnt will enable you to get another vehicle and get operational very quickly.


The leads you need I would liken to the fuel. You need constantly getting leads as this will help drive your business forward.

You will need to look after the vehicle and you will need to look after your customers, especially the buyers.  Build a relationship with your list, develop the relationship by giving content rather than just trying to sell! Write blogs, set up groups in social media, become an expert in one or more area and teach what you know.


Initially keep focused on one product. As you become more successful you will be able to unconsciously practise your skills in a competent manor and then you can take on other products.

Going back to the car analogy when you first drive a car you may have a small inexpensive car and may not really enjoy driving, over time you may develop an appreciation for speed, or luxury which will lead to investing in a new car!

Getting from where we are to where we want to be can be a difficult road with lots of twists and turns. Most cars these days have a GPS navigation system to get you to your destination efficiently. A mentor or coach is your business navigation system. You still choose the destination and any stops needed on the way but the Navigator maps out the most efficient and cost effective way to get there.


We all start at the beginning, we learn to drive, we learn to maintain the car, we take out insurance and we know that we have to put petrol in the car if we want to go somewhere. The further we want to go the more petrol we need. If the tank is empty we make no progress



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