Starting Personal Businesses Online: The Solution for Retired Corporate Executives

Business executives are work-oriented, hardworking, and professional people. They put a lot of efforts into their work and are dedicated to bring best results for the corporation they work for, making them attached to their work and getting used to it as well. This is why, for many corporate executives, nearing retirement can be a concern. These are people that have worked for long hours 6 days a week, these are the people that have literally spent a good part of their life establishing their career and nearing retirement only means to give it all up. Especially so for the people who are not really “fit” for retirement but only have to because of their age reaching state retirement age.


In addition to all of that, there is also another major concern when it comes to retirement – the financial aspect. Sure, the state will be offering state pension to them but that does not necessarily mean it will be enough to cover the expenses of the retiree. Often times, the pension amount is small. Other times, the pension amount is sufficient but does not meet the lifestyle the people had already set up, which can be difficult to step down from.

In all of these upsetting situations for the retirees, there is still a solution, which is starting their own personal business online. This is a solution that many retired people, especially past corporate executives, are opting for. There are countless benefits to starting your own business online on top of resolving all the above mentioned problems that occur due to retirement by law. The people who are not ready to retire, to give up on working, to make do with small pension incomes can easily choose to go online and establish their own business, reaping all the additional benefits as well. Here are some of the major advantages of establishing your own business and why corporate executives are opting for it after retiring:

Freedom to Work

Retirement may be preventing you from working at your past company or situation but it is only limited to being employed. There is no retirement for entrepreneurs, which gives them the freedom to work as they please. Additionally, retired people do not just get to work in their retirement age but also have the option to choose what they do with their years of hard work. Just because you are retired because of the law does not mean you are willingly going to let years of experience slip away, therefore, the best solution is to use that experience, use that will to work, and use that freedom to work to simply…work. But this time, the different will be that you will not be working for someone or under someone; you will be working for yourself so all your hard work will pay off for you.


The freedom to work is not just to work but also where to where. There are countless business industries and retirees can choose in what field they will enter. You can use your experience and knowledge to pick out the best field – the choice, eventually, is yours to make.

Resolve Financial Struggles by Earning More

Owning your own business also solves the financial aspect of retirement. It does not matter whether your pension amount is less, is sufficient but doesn’t match your lifestyle, or you simply do not like living off government money because you are used to earning for yourself – the choice of your own business will manage to bring a good income for you. Retirees have the freedom to earn and spend as they please. You can establish any type of business according to your requirements of income and have the leisure of possession and full control on it as well.The extra money you make can be used for passing it on as help for children and grandchildren as well. It can be used to travel and experience life. The possibilities are endless.

Freedom to Spend Your Time As You Want

This is an additional benefit to owning a business after requirement. While retired corporate executives may have been dedicated to the corporate they worked for, they were still working for someone else and had to work by other’s requirements. This is not the case with your own business. You get the freedom to manage your own hours. The freedom to take time off, and the freedom to spend time with family, friends, and simply yourself as well. With the pension income and the money being earned through your business, you can live a happy senior life.

Use Past Knowledge and Expertise to Help Your Business Flourish

There is always a risk factor when it comes to starting your own business- that much is certain. But, when retired corporate executives focus on starting their own business, they have the upper hand because of their past knowledge, experience, expertise, and understanding of business. These all are aspects that make a business successful, which is probably why many retirees choose to have a business after retirement.

Better Self Esteem

Being unemployed, even if it is in the form of retirement, can have a mental effect for many – especially corporate executives because they are used to being active, doing their job, and being useful. Lack of any work can lead to low self-esteem, feeling worthless or useless, and other such negative factors. When you establish your own business, there is no chance of such feelings because you are continuing to be useful and working actively as well. You get control and make decisions and lead a business as well, as of which lead to a high self-esteem.

The benefits of self-employment or owning a business are many but they are especially important for the corporate executives who are attached to work. The point here is that there is an option and a good solution waiting, and retirement does not have to place a ban on doing what you love.

So if you would like to know more about starting your own business online, are able to commit time and energy into developing the business, have money to invest, and are serious about making an additional income then contact me Susan Stokes to discuss your options.

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