Tools you will need in your on Line business

If you do not have a product or service you will need to find one. Depending on the strategy you want to take you may prefer to sell 100 items at say 1 dollar or 1 item at 100 dollars, same revenue but different workload. Whatever product you choose you will need to have clients and drive traffic to your site or affiliate link, You can dive traffic by placing solo ads, banners and text ads.

You can also send traffic to your opt-in page this is a page that you advertise you business and visitors can sign up by entering their details such as their name and email.  Alternative names for opt-in pages are landing page and squeeze pages

This can be done in Leadpages or on your own website, if you have one.


You will need to have an email system that can manage your emails.

Examples:  Aweber, Get Response (they charge a monthly fee) a free example is Mailchimp.


You may need your own website. If you are a newbie affiliate you may not need your own website as you can promote your affiliate link however for long term success your own website is a good investment. In choosing a name for your website you should think long term and consider branding yourself rather than a product. It is important to promote just one product to start with and get to know the product and your clients. It is very easy to be distracted by lots of shinny offers and your energies can be taxed by having to think abut promoting multiple products. However in the long term you will take on other products. This can be for many reasons, for example the company may go bust, you need to diversify your range, your clients need different products.


Examples of domain providers and hosts are Hostgator, Go Daddy and Namecheap

You send traffic i.e. visitors to your site (website or opt-in page) some of the visitors will opt-in and they will then be sent to your email managing software for you to send them regular emails.

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