What is a Customer Avatar?

What is a customer avatar? Your customer avatar is the profile of your ideal customer and having an in depth understanding of your customer avatar is an essential step to business  success.  By studying our customers, we can serve them better in the future and inspire them with their buying decisions. Now how do we do all this? We need a Customer Avatar.

A Customer Avatar is an imaginary personality or character that embodies your ideal customer. To advertise a product or service effectively,  you should have in mind your ideal customer, where can you find them, what are their needs, their pain points, and how your product can offer a solution. A customer avatar identifies the best or ideal customer for a particular product or service. If you have more than one service or product you will have multiple avatars. But when you advertise that product you will only advertise to that product's avatar.

Define your Customer Avatar.

It is very important to the growth of your company, sales, product improvement, marketing and effective services that you understanding customer avatar.  First we define your avatar by demographic traits: For example: Age, educational achievement, sex, marital status, occupation, income and the size of their family. The next thing we define is their psychological traits. Your avatar needs these traits: interest, hobbies, attitude, lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

Creating your own Customer Avatar

Now that we have defined your customer avatar, it’s time for us to document our profile. Having a document for each of your avatars is important. You can even name your avatar add a picture so that the profile is easy to relate to. In the beginning the avatar may be created from your own ideas and insights but can be edited as your business grows and you are able to get feedback from your clients. You could simply create a word document, or download a template

  1. Let’s start by finding a free Customer avatar template, it’s a document with blank spaces for you to fill out your ideal characters of your client. Here is a link to one I use for a male and one for a female. But there are many templates hat you can download that may be more suitable for your business. There maybe some trial and error until you find the avatar template that works for you.
  2. Step two would be to prepare your questions. These questions maybe generic or industry specific so may not be provided on the document. Learn to think like the avatar, act like them, put yourself in ‘their shoes'. The more you understand about how they think, the better your avatar will be.
  3. Next, would be to answer all the remaining questions on the template. Before you do that, remember your best customers. Think of their personality, why they came to you, and what would it be like to work with them.
  4. Last step would be to Edit and review your work. Print the template, re read and share it with your colleagues, your customers, employees and even competitors. Their comments or feedbacks is just as important as your work itself, because their answers, will help update and improve your avatar profile.

Now that we have answered the questions “what is a customer avatar?”, what are your thoughts about it? Have you prepared your avatar yet? Create your avatar now and celebrate your success later.

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