Discover Who Uses Instagram And Why

Instagram recently announced that it has reached a community of 500 million users. Are you one of us? I have been using Instagram for some time now and I have met many people who actually use them differently than other platforms

Instagram is a social networking application that not only connects people, but is meant to share photos and videos. Just like in Twitter, Facebook, or snapchat, you will have a profile page. In Instagram, you can only see posts of photos and videos of those people that you have followed. Likewise, they can only see your posts if they have already followed you, so it is important to build your followers to widen your reach. In like other social media sites, Instagram limits your promotional links which can be found in your profile. Instagram was intended to be a platform where people could share photographs and videos but as the platform has grown there are now different uses of Instagram.


This application is now great for advertisement.  With 500 million users it is quite possible that your avatar has a presence here and if your avatar is under 30 years old then it is even more likely they will be on Instagram. So it is hardly surprising that many entrepreneurs are now using this platform. It’s use of hashtags help you to monitor your brand and those of your competitors. Hashtags can identify what’s trending and this can give you great insights. Your posts and use of hashtags will encourage followers and help spread your message that can help grow you business. Solo entrepreneurs, small and larger businesses are now

Millennial Generation

Social media plays an important role in the lives of many Millennial today. Instagram is considered as a place where teenagers can find what’s new, what to wear, whose on it, a means of communicating with their friends, and find out where they are. This application is used to capture the moment as a photo or as a video and share  immediately with followers.

According to survey, Instagram is the second most used social media today by the teenagers.


There are at least three reasons why employees use Instagram.

  1. Research. It is a great place to find out what is trending, what is new, what people are talking about and who are the influencers in your niche.
  2. Promotion. Since Instagram was purchased by Facebook it has been more focused in being an advertising platform.  Influencers will, for a fee, do “shoutouts”  for your products. Having influencers promote your product is very powerful. Influencers often receive products that they promote in the form of a photograph. Their followers like to adopt the products used by the influencer.
  3. Reputation Management. Instagram is just one if the sites to monitor for comments about your brand.

Blog Writers

On Instagram you are more likely to receive engagement on your blogs so long as the blog is relevant to your followers. Learn instagram marketingYou can create your own personality and brand here , you can cooperate with other bloggers, increase the engagement for your posts, do boomerang, hyper lapse and more. If you are looking for more information on how to use Instagram to get more traffic to your offer, here is a link. Instagram is a great way to get attention for your blog 

Watch out for new updates on Instagram. This is an application for mobile users and posts are made directly from a smart phone or tablet. If you are a laptop or desktop user there is a program that you can install that will allow you to post. If you have a business it is recommended to use these programs rather than have employees use their own mobile phones

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