Why A Home Office is More Productive

The Best Office for Quick Home Productivity

If you’re a busy person and you’re trying to fit internet marketing into your routine, then you need a place to work.

That means you’ll need a home office. And while this might seem like an unnecessary investment/way to take over your home, the reality is that a great home office will make you more productive and is therefore an investment. Not only that, but it will actually make you feel better working when you’re at home and you may even find you end up looking forward to it!pexels-photo-265004

So with that in mind, just how do you go about creating a great home office to work in? What are the key things that make a home office ‘great’ to begin with?


One of the most important ways to boost your productivity is to ensure you’re comfortable. When you’re not comfortable, your attention will be stolen by that fact and you’ll find it hard to ignore the pain digging into your back and to instead focus on the work.

To overcome this then, you should invest in a good desk chair. More importantly though, you also need to ensure that said desk chair is at the right height for your desk. I also recommend getting an orthopaedic cushion to remove pressure from your coccyx and to provide lumbar support.


Also important of course is the hardware. apple-imac-ipad-workplace-38568Depending on the kind of work you’ll be doing, you of course need to consider getting a powerful computer. It’s always a good idea in this regard to get something that is more capable than you need, as this will provide the best possible experience while simultaneously ensuring that you are futureproof against increasing technological demands.

For an internet marketer, you shouldn’t need too much power unless you plan on making videos or 3D models. For that you’ll want a good GPU (the new GTX 10 series are more than up to most tasks). Otherwise, you can make do with a fast processor and SSD for quickly booting Windows and the software you’ll use and RAM for juggling multiple tasks.

Speaking of multiple tasks, getting a large enough screen is also very important. Specifically, consider getting an ultrawide monitor. This will give you lots more ‘screen real estate’ for having multiple programs open and studies suggest that this can in turn boost your productivity by up to 30%!

Finally, speaking of accessories, it’s a good idea to consider getting a comfortable keyboard for typing. My personal favorite option is to get a mechanical keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches – but try a few and find what works best for you.


Finally, make sure you create an environment that you want to spend time in and that is conducive to productivity. In particular, some lighting can help to put you in a more productive mindset, while some pictures of things you find inspiring can help to make the office feel a little less like a prison. Add a potted plant to your desk for anti-stress benefits and consider some home automation through something like an Amazon Echo to save yourself from having to get up to change the heating or turn on the lights. However sitting at your computer for hours at a time is not good for your circulation or your concentration.

Plan out a routine that maximises your concentrated work time, that is not interrupted by your Salience Network ( see previous post ) needs. Put on lights, get a bottle of water and keep healthy snacks to hand. almonds-1768792_640

Setting up a business at home requires discipline, having a place to work helps you get the right discipline.

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