Why You Should Advertising on Facebook

Do you have a business? If so, have you already tried advertising on Facebook? It’s one of the best marketing platforms and is used today by the majority of entrepreneurs, for both online and offline businesses. Social marketing helps spread your message to a wider audience, it is convenient and can integrate well with traditional advertising methods. Online advertising is cost effective easy to optimize and simple to edit.

Social media advertising has helped many people start and grow their business. Facebook is the leading social media site and has the largest reach. Here are some of the reasons entrepreneurs are advertising on Facebook


Do you actually know someone who is not using Facebook? I know I do, but according to surveys, 9 out of 10 people are already using Facebook as a means of entertainment; communication, organizing events, running a business and so much more.  It has multiple functions that attract billions of people to use it, especially the entrepreneurs. Knowing that you have millions of possible clients on Facebook and you can show them your products easily can be more appealing than some traditional ways of advertising: leafleting on a hot day only to find there is a typo on the leaflet! Facebook is potentially a great place to advertise but they have an evolving system and rules that often change so you need to keep on top of their advertising policies. Face book policies can be found in their website footer.


Direct Mail was a traditional way in which businesses would prospect new clients. They would  send out thousands and thousands of letters to promote their business. This was really a ‘gun shot' approach with little or no targeting. Analysts say that this is not a very effective way to advertise and it can waste a lot of time and money.
A good business must know their target audience and be able advertise to that audience to reduce costs. This is what Facebook is good at. Facebook has a targeting option in where you can put your products in front of people who have an interest in your product or service. Attracting your ideal customer through targeting is key to growing your business.


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Through engagements on your posts through likes, comments, and shares, Facebook algorithm is able to know who is likely to buy your product and can also create a ‘look alike audience' that are similar and give the possibility to extend your reach. Using a Facebook pixel on your website allows Facebook to identify your site visitors. Anyone who has visited your site is a potential client. Face book has retargeting ad campaigns that allow you to advertise just to your website visitors. Some visitors may have been interested in your product but were interrupted in their search. Retargeting puts your advert in front of your site visitor to remind them to go back and purchase.



Facebook is a big deal. Their multipurpose, user friendly and free applications encourages people to sign up use their platform and has resulted in billions of users. People from every nationality, age, gender and every interest can be found on Facebook. This makes it easier to find your clients and potential clients. Facebook knows more about you, your hobbies, your likes and behavior than your closest family. Facebook taps into all this information to provide you with the most likely members that meet your ideal customer criteria. It is therefore, essential that you have a very clear and defined description of your avatar (ideal customer).


There are different finds of pages in Facebook. A profile page; this is where you usually have your friends and family and business pages called fan pages. These fan pages are for your business and it is the fan page that you will be using in your advertising.
Having your own page on Facebook is a great advantage for your business. A Facebook fan page has features that will make your business more professional  and can be used instead of or as well as, a traditional website. (anyone starting out in business, eager to keep costs down, can use a fan page in stead  of a website). Getting thousands of likes on your page sends a message to everyone that your business is active, trusted, legit and is highly recommended but it is important that you post regularly and that the posts are varied and interesting. This is where you can educate your followers. By giving content that is informative and relevant will keep your followers coming back for more.


Facebook makes it easy to connect and so members are connecting with their smart phone, laptops and computers. people are spending hours searching, reading, communicating with family and friends. Businesses can get their message in front of their clients 24/7 with a click of a button. The likely hood is that your clients and potential clients can be found on Facebook so this is why you should advertise on Facebook.

If you know that your audience can be found on a different social media site you should consider using that platform instead of or perhaps, as well as, Facebook.

If you have a business and would like to know more about Facebook Marketing or are looking for someone to run your ads for you, I would be happy to help.

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