Why I Do What I do

images-6Working in an online business it is good to have a powerful reason for doing what you do. Maybe you do it for your family, maybe you want financial freedom or time freedom or location freedom, maybe you want to help others or give back, what ever the reason it needs to be something that will make you get up in the morning and battle on even when things get touch.

For some people an online business is not a ‘proper' Job and they may try to discourage you or tempt you to work in a Job, maybe they are genuinely concerned  and the seed of doubt will be planted, So maybe you should say you have a J.O.B, So what is the difference you may ask between a job and a J.O.B; its the same word but for you both it has different meaning.

One is travelling to work each day 5 days a week working for someone else to earn a wage that keeps you just off broke (job), the other you work from you laptop or computer so no commuting and you are you're own boss Just online business (J.O.B) in my case the acronym J.O.B represents the satisfaction and pure unadulterated delight I get from owning my own business

Most of the time people just want to ensure that I am gainfully employed so they don’t need to worry about me. If they care enough to ask what I do I explain that I write blog posts, create sales funnels, write email follow ups and do promotions for an online business. Which is all absolutely true.

When they ask why I have my own business I explain in some detail my motivations and most people no nod and say ‘I can see your point'

What are your reasons for doing an online business? Write in the comments below

Here is a short video I made as part of a 14 day challenge held in July 2014  in which I talk about some of the reasons I do what I do.

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